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Whether you are a long-time student or brand new to Tai Chi,
there is something special waiting for you at the Clear Tai Chi Family Gathering.
Featuring live workshops with Presenters from all over the United States
(and abroad!), the Gathering is an immersive Tai Chi experience complete with
training sessions for all skill levels, off-the-floor festivities, breakout activities,
and plenty of Tai Chi games!

Join us at the 

International Clear Tai Chi Family Gathering
June 3-5, 2022

Hilton at the Knoxville Airport - 2001 Alcoa Hwy

Join the Fun!

Come together for a great week-end of fun & learning at Clear Tai Chi's National Headquarters in Maryville TN!

You'll get 3 Days of high quality Tai Chi instruction from Sigung Richard Clear and his top students!

Once Registered- you can attend as many of the events as you want all weekend long!

Share the Tai Chi Love!

Sigung Richard Clear has dedicated himself to sharing the indoor, rarely seen skills of Tai Chi Chuan with everyone!

Our organization is growing with skilled and licensed instructors all over the world.

The Clear Tai Chi International Family Gathering is a chance to see many of Certified Instructors in one place, learn directly from them, and meet other Clear Tai Chi students from around the world!


Dinner and Lunch plans are being arranged now, and more information will be provided in the near future


The International Family Gathering is a collection of Tai Chi mini-events, all in one immersive weekend.

This includes demonstrations, mini-workshops,  healing sessions, and push hands play, along with this year's Keynote presentation from Sigung Richard Clear, himself!

Join us for all the festivities, including our Friday Meet-and-Greet, Saturday Banquet, and Sunday Awards Ceremony.


      Noon -  6pm : Certified Clear Tai Chi Member School Instructors Only Session with Sigung Clear 
               * Requires Certified Member School status or invitation from Sigung Clear
               ** This session will be at the school, not the Hilton. Go to 113 E Broadway Ave, Maryville, TN

      6pm - 7:30pm : Participant Check-In, Meet & Greet, & Push Hands Practice 
               **This session begins the events at the Hilton at the Knoxville Airport - 2001 Alcoa Hwy

      7:30pm - 9pm : Opening Speech & Demonstrations


      Workshop Sessions

      9am - 1pm : Morning workshop sessions. Schedule of presentations TBD

      1pm - 2:30pm : Lunch

      2:30pm - 6:30pm : Afternoon workshop sessions. Schedule of presentations TBD

      6:30pm- 8:00pm : Dinner Banquet + Annual Panel Discussion  -  Get Extra Meal Tickets Here
      Panel Discussion Topic: Tai Chi for Stress Relief and Post Traumatic Stress

      8:00pm - 9pm : Awards, Presenter Demonstrations, and Push Hands Play


      Workshop Sessions

      9am - 1pm : Morning workshop sessions. Schedule of presentations TBD
      1pm - 2:30pm : Lunch

      2:30pm - 3:30pm : Afternoon Workshops

      3:30pm - 4:30pm : Keynote Workshop and Closing Remarks (by Sigung Richard Clear)

      4:30pm - 5:30pm : Clear Tai Chi Level 1 Instructor Testing

      5:30pm - 7pm : Clear Internal Push Hands Level 1 Instructor Testing


       Private Lessons + Other Certification Tests:

                  –Limited availability- must schedule in advance. 
                    Please send requests to


In Tai Chi -Pushing Hands is NOT The Goal (So What Is It?)

The goal in push hands is to move the opponent and not be moved yourself, right?


The goal of push hands is internal development for combat and healing. 

The only way to reach the "real goal" is to prioritize and commit to listening while you play. Push hands is a means to an end, not the end itself. So how can you start making your push hands work for you instead of the other way around? 

This seminar will take you through how to approach the game of push hands so you can get the most out of it! Through this seminar you will:

  • ​Develop effortless power through increased awareness
  • ​Begin to see fast things in slow motion (frame rate of perception)
  • ​Build a calm, steady, powerful mind
  • ​Identify and release mental tension and fear
  • ​Heal aching muscles & joints
  • ​Enjoy the process!

Jim Kelly
(Boca Raton, Florida)

Proof-Positive Tai Chi

(Time slot – TBD)

If you're like most students, you first came to Tai Chi because you heard it was good for... something. Whether your goals involve personal Health and Healing, Internal Power, Self-defense skill, or something else entirely, there is a "trick" to getting the results you want from your practice. In short, that "trick" is to test and verify everything. In this workshop, we will explore ways to evaluate and prove the RESULTS of your Tai Chi and "INspect what you EXpect."

Tai Chi Results – on Autopilot

(Time slot – TBD)

It is said that we "practice" Tai Chi, which begs the question...

What are we practicing for?

Ultimately, the study and practice of Tai Chi is meant to benefit our lives 24/7. The good news is, there are ways to speed up that process. In this session we will explore some of the many ways to include Tai Chi principles in our daily routines, change our habits, and truly live the Tai Chi Life!

Sheila Bell
(Guanacaste, Costa Rica)

Steve Robertson
(Knoxville, Tennessee)

Double your Power in 1 Hour

(Time slot – TBD)

This class is an introduction to a few different sources of Internal Power used in Tai Chi Chuan. We will see and test each type of Internal Power individually and then "stack" them together to multiply the effect. 

Participants in this workshop should expect to use Internal Principles to (at least) 2x their "Power Output" in real time. The workshop will also provide a training framework that students can apply in their long-term development.

Competitive Push Hands

(Time slot – TBD)

Since many Clear Tai Chi students are interested in competing, Avi would like to help them use the Clear Internal Push Hands skills in open competition. The workshop will explore the three most used rule sets: Fixed, Limited Step, and Moving Step. The goal is to give Internal Push Hands players an understanding of what competition will be like, and how to adapt the training for the rules of national and international tournaments.

Avi Schneier
(Asheville, North Carolina)

Dr. Chad Bailey, A.P.
(Miami, Florida)

Universal Mechanics that both Heal and Hurt

(Time slot – TBD)

This class will focus on Universal Mechanics: movements or biomechanics which resonate across different training platforms or mediums. 

We will practice common movements and explore their Healing application in massage (Tui Na) and therapeutic breathing (Qi Gong). Then we will look at how the same movements can be used for Self-Defense, both in the Internal Combat Arts such as Taijiquan, and in the external but lethal art of Kuntao Silat.

Competitive Push Hands

(Time slot – TBD)

Since many Clear Tai Chi students are interested in competing, Avi would like to help them use the Clear Internal Push Hands skills in open competition. The workshop will explore the three most used rule sets: Fixed, Limited Step, and Moving Step. The goal is to give Internal Push Hands players an understanding of what competition will be like, and how to adapt the training for the rules of national and international tournaments.

Avi Schneier
(Asheville, North Carolina)

Harry Legg
(Verona, New Jersey / NYC)

Mind Power

(Time slot – TBD)

Tai Chi players can do some extraordinary things (in part) because they learn how to wield a small amount of force with great precision. In this workshop we will cover a simple method to feel into – and through – another person's body. We will drill-down on sensing, targeting, and manipulating any part of the body through any point of contact. This skill is used in Tai Chi for both healing and martial purposes. 

This set of exercises is introduced early and practiced often in Clear Tai Chi, and there will be insight for all skill levels. This is one of the most accessible ways that Yi (Mind Intent) skills are introduced and built in the Clear Tai Chi system, and it is a gateway exercise for higher level mind-over-matter abilities.

Freeing the Breath & Unlocking the Torso

(Time slot – TBD)

In this class, I'll show you how to wildly increase your lung capacity, and quality of breath.

This workshop will take you through various methods to unlock your diaphragm, free up your ribcage, regain motion in your shoulder blades/upper back, and fix sneaky issues with your windpipe being chronically restricted.

Your voice might drop an octave.

Logan Shaw
(Maryville, Tennessee)

Ty Talbert
(Los Angeles, California)

Augmenting Tai Chi Practice

(Time slot – TBD)

Tai Chi’s curative properties can be enhanced when the Form is practiced in the right conditions. Regular practice can be augmented with elements such as Place, Ritual, Sound, Smell, Visualization, Flow, and Community building.

The first half of this workshop will be a "mini-class" demonstrating the use of all of these elements. The demonstration will focus on augmenting Tai Chi for relief from anxiety and stress, including post-traumatic stress. Then we will examine each of the augmentation elements that took place in the class, and how students can incorporate these techniques to augment their own practice.

Positioning for Tai Chi Fighting Applications

(Time slot – TBD)

In Tai Chi Chuan, students often struggle to make the leap from theory to practice, and again from practice to effective use. I find that a slight adjustment in "critical distance" to the opponent almost immediately makes the applications effective. Getting the feel for this principal of Positioning will also give new life to your Form, and new purpose to your training. 

NOTE: If you do Tai Chi exclusively for health and longevity, this training will change the way you practice your Form, and it might be the most valuable workshop you attend at the entire event!! 

Join us as we take a moment to calibrate, or "sight in on" our Applied Tai Chi.

Mark Michaud
(Lansing / Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Daniel Hill
(Phoenix, Arizona, for now...)

Wave Power

(Time slot – TBD)

Powerful ocean waves turn over ships and crash onto rocks. Plants wave in defiance to strong winds. Animals use wave-like movements to propel themselves across distances with explosive speed. In this class, we will set in motion how to unleash this force of nature for vibrant health, unyielding defense, and dynamic offense!

Gateway to Chi Manipulation

(Time slot – TBD)

The ability to sense and move Energy with the Mind is a sought-after skill in Tai Chi. One of the easiest ways to access and develop this ability is through breathing exercises. In this workshop we will practice several energy-connected, whole-body breathing exercises and explore their use in both martial and healing contexts. We will tap into the use of Breath as a tool to build Internal Power and Mind-directed Energy movement.

Art Donn
(Greenbelt, Maryland / Washington DC)

Matt Holker
(Maryville, Tennessee)

The ONE Thing

(Time slot – TBD)

When I began training in person with Sigung Clear, he set me on a path to develop ONE skill above all others. I now realize that this ONE thing is a gateway to MANY higher level Tai Chi skills. That's why today (over 6 years later) I still spend a little time every day on that ONE thing.

In this session I will share what that ONE thing is, what makes it so special among the Internal skills, and the exact training methods that Sigung Clear has taught me to develop it.

Yang Family Free-Style Push Hands Beginner Method

(Time slot – TBD)

Like most people, you may have a tough time using the moves from your form in push hands. Your partner pushes you, your mind goes blank, you throw out a bad move, it’s way too late, and everything is a mess. Then you do that 40 more times. If you want a fast way to start using and understanding the postures from the form in push hands, this will be for you!

(Knoxville, TN)

Caroline Clear
(Maryville, Tennessee)

Yi Skill - Inside and Out

Time slot – TBD

Mind training in Tai Chi Chuan begins by developing keen perception. This includes sensing things in your own body, inside another person's body, and even in the space around you. 

In this session, Carly will teach how to use your everyday Tai Chi Form to build each of these skills using a simple change in your "focus point." Participants will learn powerful Form Meditations, along with one simple but surprising tactic that makes a big difference. When all the pieces are put together, students can supercharge Yi and Ting as a regular part of their daily practice.

Keynote Address and Workshop with Sigung Richard Clear

Sunday Keynote, 2-3:30 pm

Let's be honest... this is probably going to be the highlight of the event! Always helpful, always memorable, and always clear, the Keynote Address of the Gathering will feature Clear Tai Chi founder Sigung Richard Clear. The workshop for 2022 will be on the extraordinary difference it makes when you fix the Double Weighted Error (and how to fix it).

Unbending Jin

Learn unbending Jin. Discover the quality of unbending arm that leads to unyielding body. Put power in your form by utilizing unbending jin through your internal structure. Learn how unbending jin enables the moves of the form to capture your opponents structure and unbalance them with minimal effort.

Ting Jin & Awareness in Yourself and Others



Using Sonar to Develop Ting Jin

Learn how to develop sensitivity by bouncing subtle energies into your opponent and seeing how you and they respond. We will start with gross mechanics and end up very subtle and internal. 

It will culminate with simply noticing how internal changes in yourself show you different information in yourself and your opponent.

Waving Goodbye to The Double Weighted Error (and Your Partner)


We’ll develop wave in both solo practice and applying it in push hands. We’ll worktoward perpetuating the wave through every joint and passing it seamlessly onto your opponent. 

Exercises in proper receiving of an incoming wave will make obvious and help fix the double weighted error.

Chi Na vs. Internal Chi Na. What’s the difference?


Chi Na = Grabbing & Seizing (joint locks, grappling etc)
Everyone has a Chi Na move!

Self Defense Class Participants
-Traditional Martial Artists 
-Mixed Martial Artists 
-Law Enforcement 

From this workshop, practitioners will learn (and be able to show) the difference between external and internal using Chi Na. 

Included will be how to use Chi Na techniques that folks already know and teach them how to do it better, faster and with less effort using internal chi na.  

The Power of Breath


In this workshop you’ll learn how to put your mind in everypart of your body and breathe through it. If you already know how to do this, you’ll learn how to convey this concept to other practitioners and we’ll use Master Clear’s Internal Push Hands to gauge your breath – this will increase your ting jin (listening energy). 

  • ​Feel how whole body breathing helps to loosenyour body and any tight joints you may have.
  • ​Learn breath techniques for relieving pain inyourself and in others.
  • ​Discover how this breathing gives you even moremartial power.

Intro to Silk Reeling, Dan Tian Rotation & Applications

Silk reeling exercises are a set of movements used by Chen Style Taijipractitioners to build a body that is relaxed, connected and able to emit power from the ground and out to the extremities. These movements use spiraling through the limbs and rotation of the body’s center, known as the lower Dan Tian. 

This set was developed by my teacher Sifu Tony Wong which uses movements he learned from the late Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang and the representative of Chen style Taijiquan, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. 

In an introduction to silk reeling we will take a look at some of these exercises and 
explore why they are great for the major joints of the body and how they can
be applied in push hands and martial application.

Clear's Internal Push Hands for Power... and MOBILITY!


Having trouble getting your internal power gains to cross over from push hands tosparring? 

That means that you're probably playing push hands while double weighted, and a big cause of being double weighted in push hands is bad Zhong Ding. During this seminar, we'll talk about common ways people use small leans to stabilize during push hands, the combat and health problems associated with it, and how to fix it. 

Fixing this common error will help put you on the road to soft, effortless power that can also MOVE.

Tickets: $365

Admission Includes T-Shirt & Meal Ticket*
*(Must sign up by May 15th)


Airport Hilton

This is the location of our event! 
Get a discount, stay on site, and enjoy the entire Gathering experience. 
(Most Recommended. Even Sigung Clear will have a room here during this year's event!)

Quality Inn

One of the more affordable hotels located right beside MgGee Tyson Airport, and a very short drive / Uber from the venue. (We do not recommend trying to walk across the very busy highway between this hotel and the event venue)

Holiday Inn Express

Mid-priced Hotel located right beside McGee Tyson Airport, and a very short drive / Uber from the venue. (We do not recommend trying to walk across the very busy highway between this hotel and the event venue)
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