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Maryville, TN

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Whether you're a long time student of ours, or have only seen us online, the Tai Chi Family Gathering has something for everyone interested in Internal Power, Health, and Push Hands

June 2-5 of 2022

Clear International Tai Chi Gathering

Come together for a great week-end of fun & learning at Clear Tai Chi's National Headquarters in Maryville TN!

You'll get 3 Days of high quality Tai Chi instruction from Sigung Richard Clear and his top students!

Once Registered- you can attend as many of the events as you want all weekend long!

Spread The Arts!

Sigung Clear has dedicated himself to sharing the indoor, rarely seen skills of Tai Chi Chuan with everyone!

Our organization is growing with skilled and licensed instructors all over the world.

During the first annual Clear Tai Chi -International Family Gathering, you can see many of the instructors in one place, and learn directly from them and other long term Clear Tai Chi students!


Dinner and Lunch plans are being arranged now, and more information will be provided in the near future


There are going to be many events over the course of 3 days at The Family Gathering.

This includes demonstrations, mini-workshops,  healing sessions, and push hands.

We will also have organized dinners, and a meet-and-greet for friday night.


      Noon -  6pm : Certified Clear Tai Chi Member School Instructors Only Session with Sigung Clear 
                              (Requires Certified Member School status or invitation from Sigung Clear)

      6pm - 7:30pm : Participant Check-In, Meet & Greet, & Push Hands Practice

      7:30pm - 9pm : Opening Speech & Demonstrations


      Workshop Sessions

      9am - 10am: The Power of Softness -Steve Robertson
      10am - 11am: Moving the Center & Internal Hua -Logan Shaw
      11am - Noon: Every Day Training with Sifu Clear -Matt Holker
      Noon - 1pm: Hang from the String Enhancements -Mark Michaud

      1pm - 2pm : Lunch

      2pm - 3pm: Say YesSigung Clear
      3pm - 4pm: Forward Stance / Fixed Step Push Hands -Harry Legg
      4pm - 5pm: Rocking & Rolling Tui Na & Ting -Chad Bailey
      5pm - 6pm: Warm Ups, Waterfall & The 5 Bows -George Antonion

      6pm- 7:30pm : Dinner Banquet   -  Get Extra Meal Tickets Here

     7:30pm - 9pm : Lecture, Demonstrations, and Push Hands Play

      Lecture Topic: How to use Clear Tai Chi to defend yourself from Covid-19 and related illnesses
      This will be a roundtable discussion with Sifu Clear and several of the other Clear Tai Chi Instructors. This includes 2 of the instructors who actually got Covid-19 and used these Clear Tai Chi skills to recover from the illness.
     Discussing the long term effects of Covid-19 on internal organs, joints and blood oxygenation levels, and to focus the Tai Chi concepts of whole body breathing, internal energy movement and Qi Gong exercises to counteract these symptoms.


      Workshop Sessions

      9am - 10am: Releasing Tension & Increasing Flow -Sheila Bell
      10am - 11am: Chi Kung for Tai Chi Practitioners -Art Donn
      11am - Noon: Feeling the Bear & Other Yi Skills -Carly Clear
      Noon - 1pm: Tai Chi Self Defense Applications -Jim Kelly
      1pm - 2pm: Lunch
      2pm - 3pm: In the Moment Practice -Sigung Clear

      3:30pm : Award Ceremony / Closing Remarks from Sigung Clear

      4:00pm - 5:30pm : Clear Tai Chi Level 1 Instructor Testing

      5:30pm - 7pm : Clear Internal Push Hands Level 1 Instructor Testing


       Private Lessons + Other Certification Tests (Limited availability- must schedule in advance)


In Tai Chi -Pushing Hands is NOT The Goal (So What Is It?)

The goal in push hands is to move the opponent and not be moved yourself, right?


The goal of push hands is internal development for combat and healing. 

The only way to reach the "real goal" is to prioritize and commit to listening while you play. Push hands is a means to an end, not the end itself. So how can you start making your push hands work for you instead of the other way around? 

This seminar will take you through how to approach the game of push hands so you can get the most out of it! Through this seminar you will:

  • ​Develop effortless power through increased awareness
  • ​Begin to see fast things in slow motion (frame rate of perception)
  • ​Build a calm, steady, powerful mind
  • ​Identify and release mental tension and fear
  • ​Heal aching muscles & joints
  • ​Enjoy the process!

SAT: 9am - 10am

The Power of Softness

Steve will introduce and help student's feel the power of Softness and how to use it.

Included will be many exercises and drills that help to demonstrate and teach some of the amazing skills that come from properly training and using softness (soong).

SAT: 10am - 11am

Moving The Center & Internal Hua Jin

Tai Chi dissolves the center to be hard to get hold of, and gain superior leverage.

This training will show you easy, safe methods to release the tension in your body- and follow with internal movement training to redirect and dissolve incoming force.

SAT: 11am - 12pm

Every Day Training from the Master

When I started travelling on the road to workshops with Sigung Clear, I needed to get my skills up fast. 

With that goal in mind, Sigung Clear invested some personal time and attention into me.

Every day in the office he checked me on ONE THING. He took at least a few minutes testing me and giving me feedback on just One Thing, over and over and over again. 

This workshop is an hour long intensive session on getting that One Thing.

SAT: 12pm - 1pm

Hanging from a Bungee Cord: Puppet Master or Puppet?


Hanging from a bungee cord is one of the first things you learn in Clear Tai Chi. It is a component of the Wu Chi ten points and helps in the proper alignment of the other nine points, as well as good Zhong Ding. 

Through this seminar, you will:
- learn to test proper head connection.
- learn to use the Yi to change the length and energetic qualities of the cord.
- Use proper head connection to help attain better alignment.

SAT: 2pm - 3pm

Tai Chi Says YES!

Learn how Tai Chi approaches situations and changes intended outcomes based on an attitude of acceptance.

This includes:
   -How Tai Chi receives and becomes one with a partner or opponent's force.
    (This includes doing it when the situation is particularly uncomfortable)
   -How to become the Eye of the Storm & be okay with it.
   -How to use a partner or opponent's force.
   -The importance and use of proper soong (softness).

SAT: 3pm - 4pm

Forward Stance / Fixed Step Push Hands


While there are many ways to practice Push Hands,fixed-step, forward stance is mostly the default type of play you’ll find at Push Hands Meetups and in many tournaments. 

You’ll learn the basics of Forward Stance / Fixed Step Push Hands and will then be able to use your Clear’s Internal Push Hands skills in the forward stance method and how to troubleshoot common errors such as using too much force / external type of play that frequently happens among many forward stance Tai Chi Push Hands players. 

We’ll also go over Tournament basics for forward stance/fixed step Push Hands.

SAT: 4pm - 5pm

Rocking and Rolling with Tui Na

This class will focus on the Rocking (Yao) and Rolling (Gun) hand techniques of Tui Na and the ability to use Rocking and Rolling to assess a persons energy system and make changes where necessary. 

After learning the Rock and Roll massage, we will apply Ting/ Listening to the practice. 

Continuing, we will specify our listening to the Meridian system (12 main meridians plus the Ren and Du) and learn various ways to therapeutically adjust the energy flow. 

We will discuss two different energy diagnosis methods: The Eight Parameters (simple yin and yang) and The Five Elements (more complex). 

We will finish practicing with a Yao Gun Fa treatment on a partner as well as receiving from them. Bring a yoga mat and towel to lay on.

SAT: 5pm - 6pm

Warm Ups & Starting Exercises

This lesson will focus on a few things:
- a warm up joint loosening set
- a "waterfall" relaxing exercise to be done before starting form practice... not a Chi Gung set.
- using the "5 bows " as an introduction to expansion and contraction in the forms and in push hands.
- the importance of being responsible if hosting any "meet up" or open mat type of push hands session.

There will also be an open question an answer session from the students... what are they doing well, what are they not doing well... open discussion with no criticism

Unbending Jin

Learn unbending Jin. Discover the quality of unbending arm that leads to unyielding body. Put power in your form by utilizing unbending jin through your internal structure. Learn how unbending jin enables the moves of the form to capture your opponents structure and unbalance them with minimal effort.

Ting Jin & Awareness in Yourself and Others



Using Sonar to Develop Ting Jin

Learn how to develop sensitivity by bouncing subtle energies into your opponent and seeing how you and they respond. We will start with gross mechanics and end up very subtle and internal. 

It will culminate with simply noticing how internal changes in yourself show you different information in yourself and your opponent.

Waving Goodbye to The Double Weighted Error (and Your Partner)


We’ll develop wave in both solo practice and applying it in push hands. We’ll worktoward perpetuating the wave through every joint and passing it seamlessly onto your opponent. 

Exercises in proper receiving of an incoming wave will make obvious and help fix the double weighted error.

Chi Na vs. Internal Chi Na. What’s the difference?


Chi Na = Grabbing & Seizing (joint locks, grappling etc)
Everyone has a Chi Na move!

Self Defense Class Participants
-Traditional Martial Artists 
-Mixed Martial Artists 
-Law Enforcement 

From this workshop, practitioners will learn (and be able to show) the difference between external and internal using Chi Na. 

Included will be how to use Chi Na techniques that folks already know and teach them how to do it better, faster and with less effort using internal chi na.  

The Power of Breath


In this workshop you’ll learn how to put your mind in everypart of your body and breathe through it. If you already know how to do this, you’ll learn how to convey this concept to other practitioners and we’ll use Master Clear’s Internal Push Hands to gauge your breath – this will increase your ting jin (listening energy). 

  • ​Feel how whole body breathing helps to loosenyour body and any tight joints you may have.
  • ​Learn breath techniques for relieving pain inyourself and in others.
  • ​Discover how this breathing gives you even moremartial power.

SUN: 9am - 10am

Supporting Methods for Releasing Tension and Increasing Chi Flow


Acupressure, essential oils, and facial exercises with Sheila D. Bell.

How high does your sung start?

Have you considered releasing tension in the jaw and face as a component of your relaxation sequence?

Join me for an introduction to increasing your internal energy through acupressure for release of tension in the head and face and opening the sinuses, essential oil use for opening key points on the meridian system, simple exercises for lifting the spirit and focusing inward and downward.

Smiling from the heart without tension, allowing the face to express the joy and peace you feel during your tai chi practice, will increase the depth of your relaxation and make you more approachable!

This is a great calling card for teachers and the perfect disguise for your inner warrior! 

SUN: 10am - 11am

Chi Kung for Tai Chi Practitioners 

     -ART DONN

This session will involve Walking Meditation, the Yi Jin Jing and Five Organ Strengthening Exercises. If time permits, Tai Chi Ruler and Tiger Playing With Ball will also be introduced. 

These chi kung methods are useful for Tai Chi practitioners at all levels of skill.

SUN: 11am - 12pm

Feeling The Bear


Carly will teach Yi skills for sensitivity(Ting) and will scan participants to determine their:
     -Capacity for Ting
     -Current ability to Ting with their Yi and corrections to help development

An exercise to develop your Yi(Mind) Ting skill will be taught and how to use it in Internal Push Hands and how to play Yi skill games with a Partner.

SUN: 12pm - 1pm

Tai-Chi concepts of Yielding, Folding and Dropping in Self Defense


Developing the softness of cotton in Tai Chi fighting through the use of yielding and folding with Tai Chi Forms and movements, while striking with the strength of steel utilizing dropping and the issuance of Fa Jin energy including the benefits of meeting force with looseness or softness to absorb, redirect and re-issue opponent’s energy. 

Also, guiding and redirecting opponent’s strikes with your hands, while yielding and dropping to issue energy through the elbows. 

Also covered will be how to issue Fa Jin energy through dropping and testing the effectiveness with elbow, shoulder and hip strikes.

     -Tai Chi fighting distance
     -Why Tai Chi is difficult to compare in a ring
     -The importance of Sung or total emptiness
     -The concept of ‘Accepting the gifts’
     -Being the ‘First in Motion’

SUN: 2pm - 3pm

In the Moment - Mindfulness with Clear Tai Chi

Solo and partner exercises for being in the moment will be presented by Sifu Clear with in-depth explanation and time for Q&A.

In the Moment practice is one aspect of Mindfulness training that is an important requirement for higher level skills including Yi, & Shen, etc.

Intro to Silk Reeling, Dan Tian Rotation & Applications

Silk reeling exercises are a set of movements used by Chen Style Taijipractitioners to build a body that is relaxed, connected and able to emit power from the ground and out to the extremities. These movements use spiraling through the limbs and rotation of the body’s center, known as the lower Dan Tian. 

This set was developed by my teacher Sifu Tony Wong which uses movements he learned from the late Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang and the representative of Chen style Taijiquan, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. 

In an introduction to silk reeling we will take a look at some of these exercises and 
explore why they are great for the major joints of the body and how they can
be applied in push hands and martial application.

Clear's Internal Push Hands for Power... and MOBILITY!


Having trouble getting your internal power gains to cross over from push hands tosparring? 

That means that you're probably playing push hands while double weighted, and a big cause of being double weighted in push hands is bad Zhong Ding. During this seminar, we'll talk about common ways people use small leans to stabilize during push hands, the combat and health problems associated with it, and how to fix it. 

Fixing this common error will help put you on the road to soft, effortless power that can also MOVE.


Airport Hilton

Hotel at McGee Tyson Airport. Relatively short and easy drive from the venue.

Luxbury Inn Suites

This is the closest location to the school, and one of the most commonly used by our students.

Quality Inn

One of the more affordable hotels located right beside MgGee Tyson Airport, and a short drive from the venue.

Holiday Inn Express

Mid-priced Hotel located right beside McGee Tyson Airport, and a short drive from the venue.
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