Richard Clear

Sigung Richard Clear is a third generation lineage holder in Tai Chi Chuan from Lee Ying Arng (an indoor student of the Yang family).  

Sigung Clear has studied directly in the US and China with such famous masters as Ma Yeuh Liang, Wen Mei Yu, Dr Fred Wu, Liu Ji Fa, Ju Bong Yi, Pei Xi Rong, Willem de Thouars and Don Ethan Miller among others. 

Master Clear began teaching in 1985 and has over 40 years of continuous study in tai chi (tai ji), qigong (chi kung) & internal martial arts.  He has produced several international Tai Chi tournament champions in forms and push hands.

Master Clear has produced videos and books to help people all over the world learn in-person as well as online. He is also an adept practitioner of internal iron body and hand skills and related martial arts, healing and qigong practices.

Art Donn

Art has a well-rounded background in Chinese martial arts including the internal styles of Tai Chi, Hsing-i and Bagua. He also has knowledge of and experience with some Shaolin styles, White Crane and Praying Mantis, among others. 

Art had been practicing the internal art forms, working with a number of people, until 2017. At that time, he met Sifu Richard Clear and concentrated more on Tai Chi, also learning Internal Push-hands and Healing Arts from Sifu Clear. With that knowledge and training Art’s Tai Chi gained much substance and power. 

Art is the Clear Tai Chi Regional Organizer for the Washington, D.C. area.

Caroline Clear

Carly has studied Clear Tai Chi & Internal Power since before she could walk.

Today at 11 years old, Carly is recognized as having the highest level Yi Mind Skills of any Clear Tai Chi Teacher (other than her dad!)

She also has strong punches, but she only hits the ones she loves.

Carly is certified in Clear Tai Chi Level 1, Clear Internal Push Hands Level 1, & Fa Gung Level 3.

George Antonion

My first Tai Chi teacher was Ed Young - one of Cheng Man Ching's 5 pillars starting in 1973.

I studied the 37 step form of Cheng Men Ching as well as the push hands peng,lu, ji , an routine.

After relocating, I began to study in 1978 under BP Chan in NYC ..Majored in Hsing I with a minor in Tai JI and BaGua .

Job relocation and job travel caused a hiatus in my study under a Sifu until 2004 when I was introduced to and began studying under Wong Sau Wah who is well versed in the 4 main Tai Ji forms having been practicing or 50 years, i have been practicing the 24 step and 88 step Yang forms as well as the 55 step Yang Sword form.

Starting around 2008 I began practicing "Chinatown Park" Push Hands... essentially an open mat style of competitive push hand from cooperative to defensive depending on the nature of my "opponent".

At the same time I also began to push hands with a group headed by Mario Napoli a well known Tai Ji competitor.

this group was fiercely concerned with winning as the leaders were students of Stan Israel, a well known Judoka as well as Taiji player.

I have had the opportunity to "play " with Mario , Steve Watson and many other "Chinatown " opponents of all levels... from practicing circles to "Taiwan Rules"
Over time this group broke up and I started the Mid Town Taiji Meet up. 

Open to all styles and all levels of cooperative or competitive push hands.
Covid stopped this group. I also continue to study and practice Pikiti Tersia Kali under Guru Tony Taclay.

Chad Bailey

Chad Bailey is an Acupuncture Physician and Martial Arts Instructor based out of Miami, FL. 

He practices the branches of Chinese Medicine at Shin Wellness (acupuncture, herbology, diet, tui na, qi gong, feng shui). 

He teaches Chinese Medicine and the martial arts of Progressive Arnis, Kuntao Silat de Thouars, Kuntaw Silat Cadena de Mano, Clear Tai Chi, and Yang Tai Ji Quan/ Xing Yi Quan/ Ba Gua.

Harry Legg

There’s a good chance you have heard Harry – he has voiced for NBC Sports and is heard on Radio & TV stations around the world. He is rated among the Top 10 voice-over artists in North America. He is the founder of New Jersey Tai Chi and teaches tai chi chuan, qigong, push hands, and self-defense at his private Verona, NJ studio just outside of New York City. Harry is also an advanced Fa Kung healing practitioner.

Harry’s experience also includes a black belt ranking in the Body Mind Studios training system, with training in kung fu, tai chi, baguazhang, ship pal gye, kong su do, aikido/hapkido, udo, kom do and more. Harry’s awards include 1st Place for tai chi form in the 2018 KToC Nationals Tournament. 

Harry is the NY/NJ Regional Organizer for Master Richard Clear.

Jim Kelly

Jim started in the external art of Shotokan Karate as an inner city teenager and branched out into competitive Judo in college. As a Police Officer in NYC he studied other disciplines including Jujitsu, boxing and Tang Soo Do Karate along with exposure to street style fighting.
Jim was introduced to Tai Chi in 1998 as a rehabilitative exercise due to fighting injuries. Although the non-internal practice of Tai-Chi (outside student) helped heal long term back and neck injuries, Jim credits his transition to the internal energy arts to meeting Sifu Richard Clear at a Tai-Chi event in Pennsylvania in 2017.
“Sifu Richard Clear’s understanding and knowledge of the internal martial arts, and his openness in sharing that knowledge make him both a guardian and teacher of everything that internal Tai-Chi practice should be.”

At the age of 56, Jim still active in law enforcement, and runs a school in Boca Raton FL, where he is the Southeast Florida Regional Organizer for Clear Tai Chi. 

Logan Shaw

Logan has been studying Kung Fu, Silat, and Tai Chi with Sifu Clear since 2006.

Logan is certified in Clear Tai Chi level 1, Clear's Internal Push Hands level 2, Fa Kung Level 4, Clear's Silat Phase 2, the Clear Defense Method, and the Kuntao Dragon Instructor Training.

Mark Michaud

Mark began training in the martial arts in 1984, and started teaching in 1994. He earned third degree black belts in Kempo, and Tang Soo Do, as well as a first degree black belt in jujutsu. He has had additional training in long fist kung fu, judo, and filipino martial arts. 

Mark is the 2005 middle weight gold medalist in shuai chiao (chinese wrestling) with the US national Kuoshu championships, as well as a two time silver medalist in lei tai (full contact kung fu) in the US international Kuoshu championships.

Mark has had an interest in internal arts since 1990, but was unsuccessful finding true internal arts. In 2018, Mark was fortunate to be introduced to Clear’s tai chi. This was a life changing moment. Mark has been practicing internal arts exclusively since this time.

Mark is the Clear Tai Chi Regional Organizer for mid/west Michigan, covering Grand Rapids and Lansing.

Matt Holker

Matt first got involved in the Martial Arts in 1984, when he was 5 years old. Drawn to the effortless power of Tai Chi at an early age, he spent nearly 20 years searching for a teacher willing to share the Internal aspects of the Art.

Matt met Richard Clear in May of 2015, and by August 2015 he had moved to Maryville to train with the Master. Since then, Matt has taken on more and more responsibility with the Clear Tai Chi organization. 

Matt is the Regional Organizer for the Maryville area in Tennessee, and is the primary contact for Clear Tai Chi students worldwide.

Sheila Bell

Sheila spent her formative years in north Dallas and Richardson, Texas, swimming, dancing ballet, and playing soccer. After injuries and illness, she turned to yoga and weightlifting. After more injury and illness, she finally discovered Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine and began to understand much more about how to stay healthy! After 15 years of Qigong and Chuan, her acupuncturist suggested she teach others to spread the benefits of Tai chi far and wide. However, she wanted to feel better prepared and knew there was much more to be learned and experienced!

After some searching, she found Sigung Richard Clear in 2015 and began training in the Clear Tai Chi system. Since that time she has transitioned all her classes to Clear's methods and regularly supports people in their healing with the Fa kung method of Qigong healing. Knowing now more than ever how extensive the practice of real Tai chi is, Sheila is an avid student and is passionate about sharing true, functional methods with people of all ages and fitness levels. Other interests include the use of aromatherapy in TCM, the effects of emotion and energy on the physical body, and methods by which people can improve their lifestyle to live their best life.

Sheila studied Marine Biology at Texas A&M Galveston. She taught high school science classes for 15 years. She has lived in Costa Rica for 30 years with her family where they operate a cacao farm and have a chocolate shop. There is a wooden platform on the farm in a wooded area between two volcanoes, which is a perfect spot to doing Clear's Tai chi! 

Sheila is the Clear Tai Chi Regional Organizer for Costa Rica.

Steve Robertson

Steven began his martial arts career in 2002, learning both Shaolin Kungfu and Tai Chi Chuan. From 2005 onward, he Dedicated himself solely to this public style of Tai Chi that did not reveal the internal principles. 

In 2012, when he began to develop internal skill, he sought further training and, in 2013, found Sigung Richard Clear during an energy healing seminar.

Switching to Clear's Tai Chi, he learned more in a few weeks than he had learned in the prior 10 years. Today, Steven continues to train and improve his Tai Chi and Qigong skills daily and is open to instructing and advising anyone who wishes to pursue a more in depth study of Tai Chi's principles and applications.

Steve teaches in the Knoxville area.


In Tai Chi -Pushing Hands is NOT The Goal (So What Is?) 

The goal in push hands is to move the opponent and not be moved yourself, right?


The goal of push hands is internal development for combat and healing.  

The only way to reach the "real goal" is to prioritize and commit to listening while you play. Push hands is a means to an end, not the end itself. So how can you start making your push hands work for you instead of the other way around? 

This seminar will take you through how to approach the game of push hands so you can get the most out of it! Through this seminar you will:

  • ​Develop effortless power through increased awareness
  • ​Begin to see fast things in slow motion (frame rate of perception)
  • ​Build a calm, steady, powerful mind
  • ​Identify and release mental tension and fear
  • ​Heal aching muscles & joints
  • ​Enjoy the process!

Rooting Power and How to Train It  

Have you ever wondered how to become more rooted while practicing your Tai Chi? 

Learn about the power of rooting with Sifu Forrest! 

Explore ways to develop your root deeper and deeper into the earth by yourself and with a partner. Get grounded in this workshop as we explore together how to work this foundational quality throughout your body, energy and mind. 

Take away easy-to-implement exercises that will help you continue to strengthen your practice long after the weekend and throughout your Tai Chi journey.

Unbending Jin 

Learn unbending Jin. Discover the quality of unbending arm that leads to unyielding body. Put power in your form by utilizing unbending jin through your internal structure. Learn how unbending jin enables the moves of the form to capture your opponents structure and unbalance them with minimal effort.

Ting Jin & Awareness in Yourself and Others



Using Sonar to Develop Ting Jin 

Learn how to develop sensitivity by bouncing subtle energies into your opponent and seeing how you and they respond. We will start with gross mechanics and end up very subtle. 

It will culminate with simply noticing how internal changes in yourself show you different information in yourself and your opponent.

Waving Goodbye to The Double Weighted Error (and Your Partner)


We’ll develop wave in both solo practice and applying it in push hands. We’ll work toward perpetuating the wave through every joint and passing it seamlessly onto your opponent. 

Exercises in proper receiving of an incoming wave will make obvious and help fix the double weighted error.

Forward Stance / Fixed Step Push Hands 

While there are many ways to practice Push Hands, fixed-step, forward stance is mostly the default type of play you’ll find at Push Hands Meetups and in many tournaments. 
You’ll learn the basics of Forward Stance / Fixed Step Push Hands and  will then be able to use your Clear’s Internal Push Hands skills in the forward stance method and how to troubleshoot common errors such as using too much force / external type of play that frequently happens among many forward stance Tai Chi Push Hands players. 

We’ll also go over Tournament basics for forward stance/fixed step Push Hands.

The Power of Breath


In this workshop you’ll learn how to put your mind in every part of your body and breathe through it. If you already know how to do this, you’ll learn how to convey this concept to other practitioners and we’ll use Master Clear’s Internal Push Hands to gauge your breath – this will increase your ting jin (listening energy). 

  • ​Feel how whole body breathing helps to loosen your body and any tight joints you may have.
  • ​Learn breath techniques for relieving pain in yourself and in others.
  • ​Discover how this breathing gives you even more martial power.

Chi Kung for Tai Chi Practitioners 

This session will involve Walking Meditation, the Yi Jin Jing and Five Organ Strengthing Exercises. If time permits, Tai Chi Ruler and Tiger Playing With Ball will also be introduced. 

These chi kung methods are useful for Tai Chi practitioners at all levels of skill.

Intro to Silk Reeling, Dan Tian Rotation & Applications 

Silk reeling exercises are a set of movements used by Chen Style Taiji practitioners to build a body that is relaxed, connected and able to emit power from the ground and out to the extremities. These movements use spiraling through the limbs and rotation of the body’s center, known as the lower Dan Tian. 

This set was developed by my teacher Sifu Tony Wong which uses movements he learned from the late Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang and the representative of Chen style Taijiquan, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. 

In an introduction to silk reeling we will take a look at some of these exercises and 
explore why they are great for the major joints of the body and how they can
be applied in push hands and martial application.

Clear's Internal Push Hands for Power... and MOBILITY!


Having trouble getting your internal power gains to cross over from push hands to sparring? 

That means that you're probably playing push hands while double weighted, and a big cause of being double weighted in push hands is bad Zhong Ding. During this seminar, we'll talk about common ways people use small leans to stabilize during push hands, the combat and health problems associated with it, and how to fix it. 

Fixing this common error will help put you on the road to soft, effortless power that can also MOVE.

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